ET+® Wheel Spacer Profile

Widen Car Offset with ET+® Wheel Spacers


Extend axle hub to make install wheel easy

Hubcentric Perfect Fit Customers Wheel

Hard Anodized for durability and corrosion protection

  ET+® Wheel Spacers
Feature a perfect install axle hub and precise extension axle hub, which guaranteeing 100% original size to make precision wheel fitment. Plus, ET+® wheel spacer with a precision flatness tolerance within 0.03mm, to make sure your wheel perfect fit together that makes your car sports racing on a safety.
ET+® are designed, engineered, and manufactured by AUTOSONAL-Same quality as Germany products. Constructed from a proprietary aluminum alloy created specifically for the Autosonal wheel spacer program, ET+® Wheel Spacers are extraordinarily strong and lightweight.
Additionally, ET+® feature a hard anodized coating for surface durability.
  ET+® Wheel Spacer Photoes